Introducing the New WedSport TC105X

The WedsSport TC105N (left) and the TC105x (right)

Since 1993, the TC series wheel has been the go-to choice for those looking for a strong, rigid and lightweight wheel at a price point under quality forged wheels. After twelve years of the TC105N carrying the torch of its forefathers, the time has come for it to retire. 

For many of the TC105N's current fans, many of you may be asking one very important question: Where does Weds go next? What will the next generation TC do that the current one can't? After all, the TC105N has many achievements under its belt, such as setting TWO records for GTAC and WTAC, Hill climb records with Carl Marcum and countless victories with Michele Abbate and many other racing disciplines. (N. American achievement)

Michele racing her Scion FR-S with WedsSport Wheels

The WedsSport TC105X in the flesh

If we look at the trends of past TCs, we see that each wheel became stronger  than the last, with evolutions in wheel design as WedsSport sought to make wheels that pushed the limits of weight reduction without entering the forging process and compromising the strength and rigidity of the wheel. With the TC105X, Weds has engineered the wheel to work with the vehicles of tomorrow; vehicle trends have shown cars to become heavier as more safety equipment and luxury features are added, with manufacturers increasing engine power output correspondingly and increased tire grip performance.

As a weight, power increase and brake performance heavily taxes a wheel with additional load, the TC105X has been designed with tomorrow's cars in mind. Weds has beefed up important structural elements, revised the shape and profile of certain structures and trimmed off material in necessary places. With a new range of sizes available, the TC105X opens up wheel choices to those with larger, higher power cars. 

Rearch & Development

WesSport Bandoh #19 Lexus RC-F GT500 class racecar with the TC015X

Like its predecessor, the TC105X's research and development began in Japan's SuperGT racing series. WedsSport's partnership with Racing Project Bandoh has given it the opportunity to develop wheels for the GT500 and GT300 class of racecars, making it the perfect testing ground for the TC105X. Since the 2014 SuperGT season, the WedsSport TC105X has performed severe racing duty for BANDOH's GT500 and GT300 class racecars in forged magnesium form. The precious data collected from the rigour of motorsport was vital when the aluminum version of the TC105X was developed. WEDS's commitment to motorsport-based testing makes it part of the few manufacturers which develop wheels by putting them directly on the front lines. 

Disclaimer: The TC105X used in the images below is a pre-production model with a different color than final production. Both wheels used in the comparison images are 18x10.5 +12 5x114.3.

First change: Revised N-Frame structure

TC105x N-Frame (New)

The N-frame structure on the TC105N was designed as a spoke reinforcement designed to take the 10-spoke wheel design to the next level. By adding the N-frame structure, wheel rigidity was heavily increased, and impact dispersion from various road-hazard forces and vibrations was superb.

TC105N N-Frame (previous)

The TC105X's revised N-Frame structure includes a larger, more raised reinforcement along the side of the spoke with a peak where the structure ends. This has the effect of increasing spoke rigidity and structural strength in an area where impact stress on the edge of the barrel is channeled.

Second change: Spoke Side-Mill Cut

TC-105X Side-Mill cut

A technology first introduced on the WedsSport SA-55M, the TC105X features large side mill cuts on the spoke window next to the N-Frame. Not only does the side mill cut allow us to shed unnecessary weight, it also allows us to increase the surface area of the spoke. In comparison, the TC105N has a flat spoke profile on the neighboring window of the N-Frame.

TC105N alternating spoke

Third Change: Advanced barrel profile

As a wheel's barrel acts as a connecting bridge between the face and rear of the rim, it plays a crucial role in a wheel's integrity. If the barrel is too thick, it will add too much weight and disrupt the balance of the wheel; if the barrel is too thin, it is prone to damage from hard knocks, vibration and deflection. WEDS has carried the AMF (Advanced Metal Forming) manufacturing method over to the TC105X. 

The updated barrel profile of the TC105X features a drop-center similar to the newer WedsSport SA series. This new drop center acts as a reinforcement for the face of the wheel when the car is cornering hard. The anti-slip grooving returns on the TC105X, helping the wheel stay beaded in situations where the wheel and tire experience high amounts of stress. 

Fourth Change: Modified Flanges, front and rear

TC105X rear flange (new)

TC105X front flange (new)

As both the front and rear flanges are the furthest leading edges on the TC105X and are thus subjected to many types of abuse, they were also revised. The front flange was flattened, and the rear flange was greatly thickened. This all falls in line with WEDS's goal of producing a wheel for larger, more powerful cars.

TC105N rear flange (previous)

TC105N front flange (previous)

Fifth change: trimmed weight behind the spokes

TC105X rear spokes (new)

Further weight reduction on the back of the spokes shows our commitment to weight reduction, no matter how big or small.

TC105N rear spokes (previous)

Sixth change: Reinforced center area

TC105X center hub (new)

The center hub area with its signature "drop" area has been raised towards the edge of the face, increasing the surface area and reinforcing the face in comparison to the TC105N's flat region.

TC105N center area (previous)

Production Details

The TC105X will be available for purchase beginning in the summer of 2018 with initial sizes of 17" and 18" offered. We will have more information available on our site and social media channels as time goes on, so please check back for updates.

WEDS is very proud of the TC105X and we cannot wait to see what our customers will be able to achieve with this wheel. 


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