Top 3 Finish in our 2022 BRZ in San Pedro - PCA Los Angeles Autocross - 8/05/23

Top 3 Finish in our 2022 BRZ in San Pedro

Photo: Thomas Leach (link)

Berth 46 in the Port of LA has been one of the coolest autocross venues in recent memory, being just feet from the ocean on the coast of Los Angeles. The views and weather never disappoint - this event was no different! Unfortunately, this was another PCA event with a course that favors PDK transmissions and high power cars - painfully slow hairpin corners into long acceleration zones. Despite an unfavorable course, there were still good results to be found! THIRD of 99 entries overall in PAX, second place in CC08 class, only 0.192 seconds behind an STR prepared ND2 MX-5. The most significant way PCA differs from SCCA events is the 8 practice runs throughout the day before taking your 4 competition runs; there is much more time to find the limits over the course of 12 runs rather than just 4. 

The same Yokohamas, even thinner after the event at Lake Elsinore, were used here. I have found that the slick concrete/slurry surfaces at San Pedro are indifferent to tread depth. Braking and tire load management is very important, especially with the elevation changes at this site. This was the last PCA event done on the Carbotech XP8 pads, as I found that the front pads were completely wiped after this weekend of autocross! 

Another characteristic of this site is the bumpiness - there are plenty of unsettling bumps throughout the site, as well as a drainage ditch. The CUSCO Zero-3X suspension, revalved and tuned by Damperworks, while very stiff, still works very well. The big bumps are noticeable in the car when the rebound settings are set to autocross settings, but car behavior is unchanged. As I have gotten used to the car, it becomes very easy to forget about modulating surfaces and only focus on the corner ahead. 

Full results of the event can be found here:

On board of myself driving a 911 Turbo S on the same course -

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