SCCA Solo Street Touring Class for 2022 BRZ/GR86 Letter to SEB

SCCA Solo Street Touring Class for 2022 BRZ/GR86 Letter to SEB

The following is a letter submitted by one of our team members regarding the unbalanced classification of the 2022-23 classification of the BRZ/GR86:

Letter ID Number: #33281

Title: 2022-23 BRZ/GR86 to STX or ND Mazda MX-5 to SST

Class: STR

Request: While the second generation BRZ/GR86 is put into the same class (D Street) as the previous generation car, the street touring classification could not be given the same privilege. It is unrealistic to expect the second generation BRZ/GR86 and any other STR classed car to compete with the ND Miata as shown by national tour and solo national events since the ND MX-5 was classed into STR. This comes down to a significant weight and size difference while both cars are using the same width tire/wheel in properly prepared competition.

The description of STR, per the 2022 National Solo Rules, defines STR as, "Low to medium HP Rear-Wheel Drive roadsters and coupes. Generally, sports car based chassis", while STX is defined as, "Medium HP coupes and sedans. Primarily RWD with some performance matching AWD mixed in." If the second generation BRZ/GR86 received a significant power increase compared to the first generation car, it is illogical to place it in a class for "low to medium" power cars while the less powerful first generation car is placed in a class for "medium" power cars. The BRZ/FRS/GR86 platform seats 4 passengers while the MX-5 only fits two with very limited cabin and trunk space.

As seen in recent National Tour and Solo Nationals events, the second generation BRZ/GR86 cannot compete with the MX-5. Along with every other entry that was not an ND MX-5, there is a significant gap to trophy positions that cannot be aided with supporting modifications. However, the quickest BRZ/GR86 in STR would have been well in competition in STX class. This provides better competition and a slow transition to a new generation of street touring cars as opposed to continued support of a nearly 10 year old chassis. If the second generation BRZ/GR86 cannot be moved to STX, it is only fair that the ND MX-5 is moved to Super Street Touring (SST) as the platform is nearly impossible to compete against for other cars classed in STR.

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