Gent5 S14 Zenki Clear Corner Install 240sx/Silvia

Gent5 S14 Zenki Clear Corner Install 240sx/Silvia

Clear Corner Install.

Before picture.

1. Open your door, reach under the dash and pull the hood release cable.

2. Once the hood pops, go to the front of the car and reach into the the space between the hood and the grill and move the lever and pull up on the hood at the same time to open the hood. As your holding the hood open with one hand reach down and grab the hood prop, and put it in the hole on the underside of the hood with an arrow pointing to it.

3. Now looking down at the back of your headlights you will see where the corner light meets the headlight. You should see a small screw with the Phillips (x shape) on the top of it. Remove this screw with a Phillips screw driver turning the screw counter clockwise. ( this is the opposite direction the hands on clock rotate) After you remove this screws make sure not to lose them , as you will need them to install the new corner lights.

4. Remove the corner lights. you will need to pull the corner light out in a forward direction( towards the front of the car).

When the light is free from the joint, and the car, you will see that it the light bulb is still attached to the back of the corner light.

Turn the socket counter clockwise and it will become free from the light bulb.

This process is identical for both sides of the car, driver side and passenger side.

5. Installation.

Take the corresponding new corner light, and attach it to the light bulb in the back of the corner light. Make sure to put the socket in the right direction, if you look carefully you will notice that one of the cogs on the socket is larger than the others and the same shape of cogs are on the back of the corner light.

6. Once the bulb is in , it is now time to put the new corner light in. So pay close attention to the tab on the back of the corner light, it has a hole in it and that hold needs to line up with the hole on the back of the headlight. When putting the light back in the first step is to push the silver ball back into the socket of the headlight, then line up the bracket on back and put the screw back in it.

7. Repeat.

Now that you have installed one side, repeat the same procedure on other side and you are done. Enjoy having cleaner more clear looking corner lights.

After install.

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