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Diftech Upper Shock Mounts Rear Coilover Suspension Top Hats for Mazda RX7 FC

SKU. 1E2CL    Part No. 10735  

Main photo of Pillowball Mounts by Diftech 10735 Upper Shock Mounts Rear Coilover Suspension Top Hats for Mazda RX7 FC

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  • Overview

    Quick Info

    • Coaxial Design

    • Black Anodized Finish

    • 6061-T6 Aerospace Aluminum

    Product Details

    Diftech Upper Shock Mounts Rear Coilover Suspension Top Hats for Mazda RX7 FC Chassis

    • Fits Mazda RX7 FC chassis - Rear
    • Coaxial design for increased traction and reduced shock blind
    • Hat movement is independent of spring compression axis
    • Spherical bearing to eliminate bushing deflection under load
    • 6061-T6 aerospace aluminum alloy for extra rigidity and reduced weight
    • FK 5/8" high-quality spherical bearings
    • Install kit required (available for each shock brand)
    • Custom install kit available (email us for your custom application)
    • Anodized black finish for durability
    • Engineered, tested, and manufactured in the United States

    These extended rear top hats for FC RX7s are designed to convert to a true coaxial setup and will add additional compression stroke to the shock. This top hat design allows the shock shaft to be tucked higher into the body of the car allowing the shock body to also tuck higher than normal. This results in more shock travel before bottoming out and will increase suspension compliance and traction. The spherical bearing upper mount also eliminates bushing compliance of stock mounts and gives greater control to dampers under high racing loads.

    Non-coaxial upper mounts, while very economical for production and fine for street use, leave a lot of available suspension performance on the table. This can be vastly improved by going to a true coaxial setup that separates the upper mount and spring perch. Non-coaxial upper spring location induces bind in the shock shaft increasing friction on the shock piston and also forces the spring to have nonlinear compression rate. Increased friction leads to higher shock oil temperature, additional wear in pistons and seals, and greatly reduces traction at the wheel. This kit will convert the non-coaxial top hats that come with most coilover suspension kits to a true coaxial set-up.

    Not designed for use with stock or stock-type springs. DIFtech install kit required to adapt to a linear race spring.

    Made in the USA from 6061 billet aluminum. All Diftech upper mounts use high strength FK wide-series bearings with Teflon liners for maintenance free, quiet operation. On-the-shelf install kits are available for most popular suspensions on the market and are required for installation. Customers can email us for custom install kits for specific racing applications.

  • Specifications +
    Brand Diftech
    Part Number 10735
    GTIN 617395686896
    Category Vehicle Parts ▸
    Suspension & Steering ▸
    Shock Mounts ▸
    Pillowball Mounts
    Item Code 1E2CL
    Length 0.0 in.
    Width 0.0 in.
    Height 0.0 in.
    Weight 0.00 lb.
    Created Friday, May 4, 2018
    Last Updated Friday, December 21, 2018
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