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OS Giken Limited Slip Differential Fluid - 80w-250 6x - 1 liter Cans

SKU. 06QBU    Part No. OS011-KA2  

  • Overview

    Quick Info

    • LSD Gear Oil Six 1L Cans

    • Works for all OS Giken LSDs

    • Quieter operation/better lock

    Product Details

    OS Giken Limited Slip Differential Fluid - 80w-250 - 6 x 1 liter Cans

    The OS Giken Super Lock LSD Gear Oil 80W-250 1 Liter FR is the OS Giken's very own special blend of gear oil which does an excellent job of lubricating and protecting your Super Lock LSD from failure. Through use of this high quality liquid, your Super Lock LSD will last much longer if regular oil changes are performed.

    • SAE: 80W-250
    • API: GL-5
    • Flash point: 208?
    • Viscosity: 320.5?40??, 43.7?100??
  • Specifications +
    Brand OS Giken
    Part Number OS011-KA2
    Category Fluids & Chemicals ▸
    Differential Gear Oil
    Item Code 06QBU
    Length 20.0 in.
    Width 14.0 in.
    Height 14.0 in.
    Weight 12.00 lb.
    Created Wednesday, February 5, 2014
    Last Updated Friday, December 21, 2018
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