AMR Performance

PurAuto is proud to be an official distributor for AMR Performance.

AMR Performance is a leader in performance-enhancing products known for their best products such as the BMW 135I N54 Custom in-house dyno tuning. This AMR enhancement feature is to optimize fuel mapping, improved oil efficiency, broader and stronger power band and it also increases the turbocharger response and it will give smoother firmer transmission shift patterns.

AMR Performance work close with OEM manufactures, as well as OEM dealerships and aftermarket performance manufactures to ensure that all of their calibrations and products provide the highest quality and performance without compromising reliability. AMR strive for excellence and perfection. Their software upgrades are developed through years of race bread engineering. They work hand-n-hand with world leading manufactures and OEM manufacturers to give their clients only the best in performance without compromise.

AMR Performance is a family owned and operated by the corporation. Through over 65 years and 3 generations of race breed engineering, numerous track victories and product development, they build some of the world’s quickest & fastest vehicles. This wide knowledge base and competitive edge continue to fuel the company’s passionate drive for setting new standards and market leading technology. Their goal is to design the ideal solution for performance-enhancing ECU software and products while utilizing today’s’ fuel efficiency standards and reliability.


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