American Car Craft (ACC)

PurAuto is an ACC Performance authorized dealer with high performance and specialty converters. Whether you are looking for heavy duty, street or racing, we have a converter to fit your specific needs. All of our torque converters are carefully inspected to insure you the best quality product available. Various warehouses and dealers sell ACC’s products throughout the United States and Canada.

The Original BOSS HOG is Welded, not furnace brazed (unless requested). Contrary to popular belief, furnace brazing is not the best way to adhere torque converter components together. Just like a Teflon coated cooking pan, after some time the furnace brazing will erode away and ruin the stators and all other rotating parts in your transmission. All BOSS HOG Torque Converters are welded at the fins, not brazed, to eliminate the erosion after time. ACC Performance uses Industrial Torrington Type Bearings. No light duty bearings, Needle Bearings are good, but not great. Industrial bearings give these converters the ability to handle not hundreds, but thousands of pounds of torque. Aircraft Aluminum Washers. ACC Performance Products Torque Converters utilize an aircraft quality aluminum washer instead of those old fiber washers that other companies use. This will put more horsepower and torque directly to the ground. Every BOSS HOG is hand built. All ACC Converters are hand built and tested to ensure that you are getting the best converter money can buy! No automated process can ensure that kind of quality.

What makes ACC Performance torque converters better than the rest? Selling the highest quality torque converters since 1971 because of ACC performance care. As of October 2005, ACC Performance took on a new owner who brings Aircraft Engineering and quality to the high-performance torque converter industry. ACC Performance uses “World Class Manufacturing”, combined with “Just in Time Manufacturing”, to get you the highest quality parts available combined with impeccable delivery times. The Automotive industry now has a new Torque Converter Leader. ACC Performance Products has emerged as an outright leader in this industry

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