Alta Performance

PurAuto is a legit authorized distributor for Alta Performance.

Alta Performance products include Air intake with an ALTA intake system that will make your car a throaty, deep tone on throttle that is undeniably modified. You will be able to hear your supercharger whining, both stock and aftermarket, suspensions that are made from solid steel using the latest precision bending equipment, Turbo accessories, etc. Alta is known for their best full line of products that hits every aspect of performance modification for your MINI.

We carry the full line of ALTA Performance products that set the standard for the industry because of their finest manufactures and supplies for MINI Cooper products on the market today. With their ever-popular Compressor recirculation valve for R56 MINIs, it will achieve a smoother driving experience by replacing your slow and electronically-controlled compressor recirculation valve with the fast and mechanically-actuated ALTA CRV.

ALTA makes the products which will boost your performance to the next level. Using the finest materials and labor found in the United States, you are assured that ALTA stands for quality and value.


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