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ART Dream Stick - String Toe Gauge

SKU. 098PP    Part No. 013A  

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  • Overview

    Quick Info

    • Very simple to use

    • Fits 12 to 20 inch wheels

    • Reads English or Metric

    Product Details

    ART Dream Stick - String Toe Gauge

    Using the Dream Stick is simple. Setup your strings in conventional mannerr parallel to the side of the car. Adjust the three telescoping ends of the Dream Stick to your wheel size. Place the Dream Stick against the wheel with your string running cross the right and left stainless steel rulers on the Dream Stick and read the right and left measurements.

    • Dream Stick! No more shaky hands affecting your readings.
    • Dream Stick! No more back and forth taking multiple measurements.
    • Dream Stick! No more searching for that lost ruler.


    • Our customers say it's a "Dream" come true
    • Telescoping to fit wheels from 12" to 20"
    • Scale reads English and Metric
    • Used for measuring toe with a string or with our laser string products.
    • Read both right and left toe measurements at the same time.
    • Allows you to measure toe angle at a faster rate
    • No more shaky hands when reading the ruler
    • No more missed readings from hitting the string
    • Adjust the lower contact pin for camber to keep the scales flat
    • Rotate the scales 90 degrees & now they are laser targets for the laser string
    • Perfect addition to every racers tool box
    • If you already own Smart Strings, it works perfect with them
  • Specifications +
    Brand ART
    Part Number 013A
    Category Tools & Equipment ▸
    Tools ▸
    Chassis Setup ▸
    Item Code 098PP
    Length 12.0 in.
    Width 12.0 in.
    Height 12.0 in.
    Weight 10.00 lb.
    Created Wednesday, February 20, 2013
    Last Updated Friday, December 21, 2018
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