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Manufacturer: Wisefab

Wisefab has long been known for providing the craziest steering angle on the planet. Most Wisefab kits provide around 65 degrees of steering angle and offer simple Ackermann adjustment as an option. This means you can choose between parallel steering or alter the angle between the leading and trailing wheels to suit you. All kits are aligned on a jig before dispatch. Most parameters have been optimized by the brains at Wisefab, with many months of research and development having been conducted with each kit before it’s released.

„With wisefab, you can be super aggressive without worrying of spinning. The rear kit will make you go super fast even with a big angle.”

“Wisefab allows you to do things that you never thought possible behind the wheel of your car! It's not a luxury anymore in competitive drifting, it's a necessity!"

Wisefab is a company, who manufactures racing suspension kits for track and drift cars. Everything is engineered and made in-house in Estonia. Cars with their suspension kits have won all the major drifting series in the world. Currently, over 50% of FD is running Wisefab. Wisefab Suspension has been delivering results since they opened in 2006. Their goal is to provide both a superior customer experience and tremendous value for their customers. They have over 32 years of experience in Automotive Knowledge and are passionate about exceeding your expectations.


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