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Manufacturer: WeaponR

FRSPORT is proud to be an authorized distributor for Weapon-R.

FRSPORT carries the best Weapon-R products and, as always, guarantees the best price Weapon-R is a popular manufacturer of performance products for many different vehicle applications. If you're looking for Weapon-R cold air intake kits, coilovers, strut tower braces, intake manifolds, racing headers, mufflers, or any other performance part that Weapon-R produces, you've come to the right place.

Weapon-R is a manufacturer of many performance products for popular makes and models of vehicles, and its parts are often considered some of the best performing, best looking, and most unique in their class. With more than a decade of experience in producing go-fast goodies for speed freaks, Weapon R is a popular choice for effective performance that won't break the bank.

Weapon-R is known best for its air intake kits, the company has been manufacturing other performance-enhancing parts for many years. Its race headers have been well-received for years, as they are an effective way to increase exhaust flow, and provide impressive horsepower and torque gains for a great price.

Weapon-R Competition Products their goal is to build the highest quality and best performing aftermarket parts at affordable prices for today's sport compact cars. Weapon-R parts are designed by performance gearhead enthusiasts. Weapon-R has built their reputation as an industry leader for over a decade, through its stringent commitment to research, and continuously evolve its cutting-edge manufacturing processes to give you the highest quality and best value performance products the industry has to offer.