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Manufacturer: Voodoo13

FRSPORT is an authorized distributor for VOODOO 13.

VOODOO 13 is a MIL-SPEC parts manufacturer, Made in the USA focused on a line of suspension and control arms for street, drift and road racing including a proprietary “Force” Angle Kit for the Nissan Z Chassis and their well-known Voodoo13 370z/G37 rear camber arms.  Voodoo13 370z/G37 rear camber arms are used to correct camber from lowering your vehicle. Grade 8 zinc coated hardware is used to protect against the elements. Stainless steel spacers are made in-house to fit perfectly into the Heim's joints. Their products are built to last and they ensure it will withstand abuse from high-performance street cars and track only cars.

We carry the full line of VOODOO 13 products that set the standard for the industry because every part that comes out of their facility is 100% engineered and designed in-house.  Their engineers and machinists are passionate in what they do and push themselves to create parts that are not just average, but innovative and exceptional. Their team spends countless hours using sophisticated software and the latest technology to ensure their products are designed with precision and their manufacturing process is refined.

Made in the USA has become synonymous with quality craftsmanship. Combining elements of modern requirements in the motorsport world, MIL-SPEC standards and manufactured in the USA presents to you; VOODOO 13.

VOODOO 13 will focus on suspension components of the highest quality, developed on the race tracks and drift courses across the globe using the feedback of top-tier drivers and technical directors. VOODOO 13 products will be developed and manufactured with components of the highest quality in Mesa, Arizona. Their product will feature something more than what exists on race vehicles today.