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Manufacturer: Turbonetics

Turbonetics has been a leader in designing and manufacturing turbochargers, intercoolers, turbo systems and pressure control valves. Turbonetics offers a wide range of customizable turbochargers to support 100 HP to over 2000 HP with a single unit. Best example of their turbochargers is the GT-K Turbochargers which is the Turbonetics’ premium turbochargers covering the 325 to 1050 horsepower range and it  is expanding its lineup with HPC forged billet aluminum compressor wheels in the newly developed GT-K 600, 700, 750, 850, and 1050 turbochargers. A further development over the HP compressor wheels, the HPC compressor wheels provide even greater efficiency and airflow. This flexibility allows delivery of working concept prototypes within weeks, rather than months, and enables fine tuning of the complete engine package early in the development phase.

All Turbonetics products are designed and manufactured in-house, deliver best-in-class performance and outstanding durability. With complete in-house design and engineering capabilities, Turbonetics works closely with customers to develop unique solutions for any forced induction challenges. Turbonetics specializes in one-off parts to medium level production up to 10,000 units per year.

Since 1978, Turbonetics has been a leading source for OEM and aftermarket forced induction systems and components. From its roots as a turbocharger customization company, Turbonetics has expanded to become a world-class small-to-medium volume OE and aftermarket manufacturer of turbochargers, heat exchangers, and pressure control components for customers in the industrial, military, and motorsport sectors. It is Turbonetics mission to produce the highest quality forced induction systems and components, resulting in unsurpassed customer satisfaction.


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