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Manufacturer: Torco


Torco International Corp. is known in a many circles of hardcore racing and high performance street driving for building the best racing oils money can buy. Often overlooked is the fact that Torco is thinking about your race engine way before you pour oil into it. Torco believes that one of the most important and often forgotten about areas of lubrication is during the engine assembly process. This is a critical time to do all you can to protect those expensive parts from the wear that takes place during initial startup and the first few hours of run time. Torco Engine Assembly Lube (EAL), Engine Assembly Lube HP and Spray Lube are all similar in formula containing MPZ but, are designed for specific areas of the engine assembly. The original Torco Engine Assembly Lube is recommended for areas that need the fluid to penetrate and migrate into small areas and openings (bearings, rings and cylinders for example). The HP is for areas of the engine that have high pressure points (valve train area-cam lobes and springs for example). The Spray Lube can be used on an assembled valve train as a pre-lube just before valve covers are placed on and ready for first engine firing. Spray Lube is also highly recommended for use on cylinder walls of an engine block that is going to be stored. 

The EAL products lay down a separating anti-wear barrier (MPZ) on all metal components it comes in contact with. This formulation is quite unique and sets Torco EAL apart from any other Engine Assembly Lube available. Torco uses high-polar components that, through a chemical reaction, stay put to protect engine components. This technology is based on what we call “Boundary Lubrication” as opposed to the more familiar “Fluid Lubrication”. Boundary Lubrication is a bit mysterious and a little harder to understand but we believe it to be most important when building oils for race engines. 

Even Manufacturers like Mercury Marine, S&S Cycles, KB Pistons, Web Cam have all complemented their own products by using Torco’s assembly lubes and minimizing initial startup wear. Torco addressed boundary lubrication in the early 1970s and still leads the way in that that department. Most of the competition continues to go on and on about their base oils and they do not speak much about their additive system because they are most likely using a stock additive system from a major additive company. The Torco MPZ proprietary additive system remains ahead of its time and we expect to stay out in front with our always improving innovations for many more years to come. 





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