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Tomei PonCam Intake & Exhaust Camshafts Set RB25DET NEO 252 Deg

SKU. 01GQV    Part No. 143046  

Tomei 143046 PonCam Intake & Exhaust Camshafts Set RB25DET NEO 252 Deg Image1
Tomei 143046 PonCam Intake & Exhaust Camshafts Set RB25DET NEO 252 Deg
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    • Increase power

    • Optimized response

    • Complements other upgrades

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    Tomei PonCam and ProCam are a popular choice for camshafts. With Tomei's extensive dyno testing and years of experience, these camshafts are optimized for each application. Tomei normally starts off with 256 degree for low profile application that requires an overall improvement in power band without sacrificing low end. With higher power in mind, Tomei develops the 260 degree version to focus on mid to high rpm.  Then comes the 270 and 280 degree versions that focus mainly on high rpm to extract maximum horsepower from the engine. Tomei ProCam offers lash (hydraulic lifter) and solid (solid lifter) type camshafts with different degrees. With Tomei PonCam and ProCam, you will always find the right camshaft for your application and needs.



      • Duration: 252 Deg IN / EX
      • Lift: 9.15mm IN / EX
      • For R34 RB25DET NEO


      Price is for Intake & Exhaust Camshafts.


      Available Camshafts:


      Type Application Duration(IN) Duration(EX) Lift(IN) Lift(EX) Part number

      R33(1st),WGNC34(1st),C34 256° 256° 8.5 8.5 143020
      R33(2rd),WGNC34(2nd) 143050
      A R34,WGNC34(3rd) NEO straight 6(exclude RB25DE) 252° 252° 9.15 9.15 143046
      B 260° 260° 143023



      About Type A & B:

      • Type A
        • In order to get stable idle and raise low-mid RPM torque, we set the duration of EX camshaft shorter. Best suit used with stock turbine or N1 turbine.
      • Type B
        • By giving longer duration timing than type a, it eables to raise both response and peak power at the same time, even with mid-large sized turbine. 

  • Specifications
    Brand Tomei
    Part Number 143046
    Category Vehicle Parts ▸
    Engine ▸
    Top End ▸
    Item Code 01GQV
    Length 7 in.
    Width 28 in.
    Height 4 in.
    Weight 17.64 lb.
    Created Friday, June 18, 2010
    Last Updated Monday, November 20, 2017
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