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Manufacturer: Toda

FRSPORT is an authorized distributor for TODA Racing. TODA Racing brings together its knowledge of racing and manufacturing and their world-leading computing software partner brings its knowledge of the latest analytical techniques in the forms of CAD/CAM/CAE. The best example of their product is the F20C (S2000) Increased Capacity 2200KIT NA I Type. TODA forged piston KIT ø87.0mm / ø87.50mm, Special crankshaft (Long stroke, High accuracy dynamic balanced) and I-Bean Chromoly connecting-rods (Fully floating with Bush & balanced) with Defric coating (Lubricous film) is applied to the piston skirt, for a reduction in friction and loads as well as improved durability. Together they develop systems to keep them at the forefront of technology and product development.

TODA Racing offers various services such as modeling, analysis, machining, and carbon manufacturing. We also offer services like designing, customer order, and trial manufacturing for camshafts, pistons, and connecting-rods, and research and development for combustion efficiency, reducing fuel consumption and lowering emissions.

TODA RACING designs and manufactures racing engines and automotive components. Since the company’s establishment, they have continually strived to understand how to burn each drop of fuel more efficiently. With the goal of increasing combustion efficiency, reducing fuel consumption and lowering emission outputs, their recent research and development endeavours have primarily focused on the application of advanced technologies, such as direct injection systems, into advanced eco-friendly engines.

Toda Racing Co., Ltd. was established in 1971 in Okayama, Japan as a maintenance company for racing vehicles and engines. Since its inception, company activities have grown to include manufacturing and development of racing engines for various forms of Japanese motorsports, ranging from Formula 3 to GT300. The experience gained in the realm of professional motorsports is applied to all TODA Racing products available to consumers.


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