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Manufacturer: Tanabe

Made in Japan, made in Tanabe. With over 20 years of experience in the development of quality automotive parts for performance application, Tanabe takes pride in all their products engineered to the strictest of tolerances, produced with the highest quality materials, and made within their very own advanced ISO9001(International Organization for Standardization) & JISQ9001(Japanese Industrial Standard) certified manufacturing facility located in Shiga-city, Osaka-prefecture, Japan. Race Tested and engineered to perfection, get an edge over the competition. Fuel the racing spirit!

Tanabe is involved in a wide variety of motorsports as part of our endless pursuit of engineering superiority. With a 20 year racing heritage, they have involvement in a variety of motorsports, including Formula N1, JGTC, Drag Racing and Drifting. They also fully support motorsports at the grassroots level, which includes autocross and gymkhana.

The extreme competitiveness of professional motorsports, where every fraction of a second is important, requires the vehicles involved to be of the highest tuning specification to maintain speed and staying power, in some of the fiercest competitions in the world.

Motorsports development allows Tanabe to take their motorsports technology, and apply it for everyday automotive useage. This helps them create higher tolerances, extended durabilty, increased safety, and the best performance for each product application we offer.