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Manufacturer: Stance

FRSPORT is proud to be an official distributor for STANCE Suspension. STANCE is known for their top quality and high-performance suspension such as the Stance GR+ Coilover Damper Kit. Stance GR+ Coilovers are a high-quality monotube suspension kit. Monotube suspension design is the key difference that makes this coilover stands out. The oil and gas are completely separated from each other which results in precise damping characteristics and performance. With customizable spring rates, pillow ball upper mounts with adjustable camber plates, 15-way adjustable damping, and an adjustable lower bracket; this coilover is everything you need for any kind of driving at an affordable price.

One of the many things that make STANCE products stand out from their competitors is their durability. Their involvement in top-tier motorsports has taught them that the highest quality materials are necessary in order to survive the demanding nature of racing. They've applied the same quality materials and tolerances required in motorsports to their entire line-up of off-the-shelf performance parts. You will be confident that you will receive the same superior performance and durability from your STANCE components.

In 2005, STANCE Suspension first offered top quality and innovative high-performance suspension components, quickly gaining a notable clientele. Some of the best teams in motorsports took notice and began working with them. Proactively combining their feedback with their own findings, they are continually improving their products. Their drivers know the difference and you will too!

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