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Manufacturer: SPL

SPL Parts, a manufacturer of finely adjustable suspension components for Nissan, Infiniti, Subaru, Porsche, BMW, and more. SPL has their world-renowned product; the SPL Bumpsteer Adjustable Tie Rod End Kit.  SPL Parts PRO Front Outer Tie Rod Ends (TRE) allow for bumpsteer adjustment by allowing the tie rod end pivot to be relocated with the use of spacers. Reduced bumpsteer results in smoother steering. SPL Parts is also pleased to announce the release of their NEW updated 6061 billet aluminium arms to replace some of their old designs. This includes the RTR for Nissan chassis R35, Z33, Z34 and S13. These are designed with dual chassis mount adjusters, providing camber and caster adjustment while remaining fully attached to the car.

FRSPORT carry the full line of SPL products in the industry because of their innovative adjuster design that provides quicker alignments and proper bearing centring tight thread tolerances for precision. With in-house research and development, because they design and use the products, they can provide total support to their customers.

From full racing to high-performance street applications, SPL suspension products provide adjustability and increased performance for custom alignment needs. The highest quality construction and innovative features are the reasons why their products are not only chosen by the top race teams, but also by consumers demanding the best alignment products for their high-performance street cars.


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