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Manufacturer: SPEC Clutch

SPEC Clutch in best known for their world-renowned clutches and flywheels design and manufacture high performance and racing clutches and flywheels. Clutches and Flywheels that are manufactured on-site using the most advanced method under the strictest tolerances. Their commitment to making the very finest parts is at the core of what they stand for as a company. I.e. their very famous product, the STAGE 1, this features an integrally molded carbon Kevlar-based, high-performance organic lining that offers smooth engagement and excellent life. This lining has an integrally bonded steel backing for strength under high clamp loads and temperatures.

SPEC offers thousands of applications, seven stages of performance kits, up to eight stages of multidisc, stock appearing and billet lightweight clutches and the only flywheels on the market manufactured to a .001 machine tolerance.