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Manufacturer: Schroth Racing

FRSPORT is an authorized distributor for Schroth Racing. Schroth Racing is a well-known company manufacturing the best racing and aviation harnesses such as their most popular product in the industry today, the Enduro 3x2. The Enduro 3x2 this is a SCHROTH 6-point Enduro harness that is super-fast, super-easy pull-down adjustment that is ideal for driver changes or tight cockpit arrangements.  The original "Enduro" belt. It has a lap belt width 2" (50mm) and FHR specific 3" (75mm) shoulder belts that will suit the comforts of every racer/driver.

Since 1960 SCHROTH has been conducting crash tests to further increase product quality and performance to meet the increased safety requirements. With the knowledge gained from their extensive testing, SCHROTH is the technology leader in racing and aviation harnesses, supplying to F1, IndyCar, WRC, NASCAR, Porsche, ALMS, Dakar Rally, FIA GT and many other top teams and series world-wide!

Over 70 years of experience in the field of occupant protection systems have made SCHROTH Safety Products GmbH the specialist for seat belts and passenger restraint systems, and the company numbers among the global market leaders in aircraft seat belts for the civil aviation sector. At production plants in Germany and Florida, USA, the company develops and manufactures a large variety of restraint systems for the aviation industry. Currently, almost all Airbus passenger airliner models feature SCHROTH cabin-crew restraint systems, and numerous other prominent airlines (e.g., Lufthansa, Air Berlin) keep their passengers safe with SCHROTH seat belts.


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