Odyssey ER8 reme Racing ER8 Drycell Battery Image1
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Odyssey reme Racing ER8 Drycell Battery

  • Compact- 5.43inx3.39inx3.98in

  • Light weight at 5.9lbs

  • 100 CCA

Odyssey ER8 reme Racing ER8 Drycell Battery
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Product Details

Odyssey Extreme Racing SLIM Drycell Battery ER8.

Odyssey drycell batteries feature long cycle life and higher stable voltages for longer periods of time. The ER8 provides 100 cold cranking amps and provides over 17 amp hours. Each ER8 drycell battery weighs less than 5.9 lbs and is about 5.43in x 3.39 in x 3.98in in size. Perfect alternative to relocating the battery to the trunk if you want to make space or to lighten the front weight of your vehicle.

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