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Manufacturer: Quaife

Quaife is a global leader in the performance automotive drivetrain industry. The Quaife range of products includes the ATB helical gear limited slip differential, which is designed to improve the traction of any front, rear or four-wheel drive car. With outstanding reliability and performance, Quaife ATB’s are actively used in the rally, racing, track day and fast road fitments. Quaife manufactures high-performance drivetrain products for motorsport, classic cars and fast road, including their Quaife ATB differential, through the whole process from design through to production.

Quaife Engineering Ltd is a global leader in the performance automotive drivetrain industry, supplying motorsport users, volume OEM and commercial customers with a wide variety of precision engineered products for cars, motorcycles and specialist use vehicles. From clubman rallying up to Formula One, tens of thousands of automotive and motorcycle users depend on Quaife products to maximise their vehicle’s performance on a daily basis, including sequential gearboxes, automatic torque biasing differentials and associated drivetrain components.

Operating in a fast-paced, competitive and multi-disciplinary sector drives both people and plant requirements within the firm to deliver innovation, quality and performance, based on long-term investment in the finest human and machinery resources available.

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