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Progress Technology is proud to offer quality built domestic products made entirely in the USA, in Anaheim, California. Progress Technology strives for providing enhanced suspension products with the assurance of unmatched performance and durability. Progress Technology creates and calibrates the dyno curves in all the coil-overs they design from in-house shock dyno and matches the spring rates on the load cell to optimize performance and ride compliance. All sport spring designs are painstakingly designed in-house and extensively tested to meet exacting standards.

Progress Technology Sway Bars are cold-formed in-house using precision bending equipment. Both laser-cut and CNC bar ends are MIG welded in place using a precise fixture for an exact fit. Progress Sport-tuned Sway Bars replace skinny OEM bars and rubber bushings with larger diameter alloy steel bars and polyurethane bushings. More roll stiffness means less body "lean", and the tires stay flattered on the pavement (larger contact patches)

Progress Technology Coil-Over Springs are made of A401-91 high-tensile chrome Silicon spring material, with durable signature metallic gray powder coating. Cold-wound on modern CNC equipment. Close tolerance production for spring rate and grinding. Shot-peened, pre-set & 100% rate-tested

Established in 1995, The PROGRESS Group Inc. has evolved from modest beginnings as a distributor of suspension components to the manufacturer of the nationally recognized PROGRESS Technology line of performance handling components. After ten years of continuous development, The PROGRESS Technology line of suspension components has become a premier program for tuning today's popular automobiles. Progress Technology long-term commitment is to superior products and unparalleled customer satisfaction are fundamental to the Company business today.


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