Edelbrock Ford 2004-2008 V8 4.6L/5.4L Ignition Coil - Single 22782

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Edelbrock Ignition Coils 22782 Edelbrock Coil #22782 is a single coil-on-plug coil designed as a direct performance replacement for the OEM coil on 2004-08 Ford 4.6L-5.4L V8 engines. Each #22782 coil features advanced technology with heavy-duty primary and secondary windings inside of a corrosion-resistant housing. The enhanced windings in these coils offer higher energy and voltage output for greater spark and can help to provide quicker starts with improved idle quality. Coil housings are resistant to heat, shock, vibration and corrosion. This coil is available in a set of eight under #22783. Edelbrock Coil #22782 is a direct performance replacement coil for Ford Edelbrock Part #22782 Coil-on-Plug Single Coil for Ford V8 4.6L-5.4L, 2004-08, 3 Valve Engine { Sellable : Yes }