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Manufacturer: PLX Devices

PLX Devices is known for their innovative products such as; Kiwi, MultiGauge Link, Luxor Mini. One of their hottest items on the market today is the KIWI 3 OBD for Apple/Android. Kiwi 3 is a plug and play automotive tool that connects to the onboard diagnostic port (OBDII / CAN), retrieves information from your car's computer, and wirelessly transmits to your smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, or PC. Kiwi 3 is up to 4 times faster than the nearest competitor and uses ultra-low power allowing you to leave your device installed permanently in your vehicle. Compatible with all standard OBDII protocols, Kiwi 3 installs in seconds. Firmware can be updated via Bluetooth and employs a nearly invisible design.

PLX Devices creates amazing products that are shared by all of the members of the PLX team. PLX devises Inc. has been recognized globally with awards from the automotive industry and consumer electronics industry including three major SEMA awards for Best New Product, over 100 Global Media Awards, and two Popular Mechanics Editor's Choice Awards.

Founded in 2003 by entrepreneur and technology enthusiast Paul Lowchareonkul, PLX Devices, Inc. is proud to be located in the heart of Silicon Valley California where technology and innovation have been driving forces since the pc, Internet, Smartphone, and social media booms.  Their mission is to design the world's most innovative products and deliver a world-class customer experience. All PLX products are designed in California and manufactured at internationally recognized quality standards and procedures such as ISO9001 and ISO/TS 169.


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