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Manufacturer: Planted Technology

FRSPORT is an authorized distributor for Planted Seat Bracket Technology. The Planted Seat Brackets is made with 3/16" thick steel for superior strength, proper fitment, versatility and manufactured in the US. Seat Brackets are hand welded. Planted features slide hole patterns to match most of the aftermarket sliders and offers additional materials, making slider an option, not in necessities.

Planted Seat Brackets are easy at home installation, making possible for all drivers enjoy the trail racing seats in any car.

Planted Technology was born. Over the years, Planted Technology has grown with the applications offered whenever possible and developed many accessories to go along with the Planted Seat Bracket. They are always looking for new applications and products to develop as well as ways to improve current products.

In Planted fabrication shop they build custom roll cages and do full car builds. It's out of this fabrication shop they discovered the need for a stronger, higher quality, more versatile, more available seat bracket for mounting aftermarket seats.