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Manufacturer: PasswordJDM

PasswordJDM is a full manufacturer of performance automotive products such as the Strut Tower Brace Package Gold. The Strut Tower Brace Package for the 2013+ Subaru BRZ / Scion FR-S combines the Ultimate Diagonal Brace and the Ultimate Lateral Brace for a brace system that shames the competition. This kit is constructed from billet SS303 and AL6061-T6 material for dependable rigidity not bent extruded aluminum and welded pieces of sheet stock that could flex when pushed to its limits. You can also adjust the tension of each brace so that you can dial in your suspension and the feel of your car through the corners. Available in a variety of anodized colors and completely made in-house in the USA.

As a direct importer of new and used JDM Honda and Nissan parts, engine/motor swaps, and quite possibly anything else born and bred JDM, their products remain "true to form" and reliable. To add to your vehicle what the factory left out, they also choose to develop, concept and manufacture all of their products.

PasswordJDM is recognized as an industry leader in the niche market known as JDM! To date, they have imported more JDM products by volume than the next 3 companies combined.

They started life as a direct importer of new and used JDM products and have now become a full manufacturer of performance automotive aftermarket products as well. 90% of PWJDM products are produced in-house in their headquarters and state of the art manufacturing facility in Long Beach, CA.


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