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Manufacturer: P2M

FRSPORT is an official distributor for Phase 2 Motortrend (P2M).

Phase 2 Motortrend (P2M) is known for their car part components such as the P2M aluminum hose clamp is a revolutionary hose clamp that will last a lifetime. The clamp is made from extruded aluminum round sheets and added CNC processing to the cut to clamp size which makes the clamp extremely durable compared to conventional worm drive or stainless clamps.

Since the inception of the year 2002, Phase 2 Motortrend Inc. has participated in the aftermarket automotive industry for well over 13 years. P2M grass rooted from a mechanical performance shop and later into retail/wholesale product development and distribution. Throughout the years of experiences, P2M has been carrying and distributing quality name brand automotive products and is very aware of the market trend in the automotive industry. The needs for fresh and innovative products are critical. At the very later stage, P2M has evolved in building various automotive branding in the market with product designing and research and development.

With many years of experiences and manufacturing capability, they are now on their own in developing and promoting their own parts in their own brand. By developing their own parts not only gives them the liberty and efficiency to consistently giving the market with new item release and development but also without the corporate technicalities that existed in the prior relationship helping people building their branding.


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