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Manufacturer: ORC

ORC is presenting different kinds of clutch series, such as Light, Metal, Carbon, SE, N1 clutches, racing concepts, Brakes, and from a single plate to triple plates

Light Series Clutch, this clutch area is slightly smaller than the original clutch and despite the sporty feeling, it is easy to handle and has a solid feeling operability. Because it is a strap drive type, no sound will be generated when the clutch is disconnected. For light shift change, a lightweight clutch disc is required. ORC developed the Light disk with emphasis on weight saving. Adopted the organic (organic) type friction material which is adopted also in the original clutch disc. As certified with a genuine clutch, the organic friction material is characterized by its superior ride ease.

For Carbon Series Clutch, the friction coefficient of carbon disk changes with high temperature. Under high temperature during circuit running, it transmits torque while reacting firmly to the pedal. In normal driving and street driving, it changes to characteristics that are easy to handle with mild. Because the carbon disk is lightweight, the moment of inertia is very small, even twin will be about half of the general single. As the synchro effect becomes effective, it will be possible to make a quick shift change full of racing feeling.

ORC is a comprehensive manufacturer of clutch and brake, including a clutch for car air conditioners that have accumulated over 300 million units worldwide, from technical office automation to general industrial use, as well as technical strength, supported by high quality and reliability a large number We received huge trust from users and are adopted. We introduced all of the technologies that Ogura Clutch has and developed a racing clutch. ORC offers a variety of variations and a wide range of lineups ranging from the optimum single series for light tuning vehicles to 4 plates that can withstand 1,500 ps, ??200 kgfm high power high torque vehicles.


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