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Manufacturer: Omni Power

Omni-Power relies on over 10 years of racing experience to develop its unique product line. Omni-Power is known for their world-renowned Clutch Master such as the Quicklutch master cylinder (QMC). Quicklutch master cylinder (QMC) was developed as a means to lower lap times on the drag strip, road course and autocross track. This unique performance part is a byproduct of our companies experience in design and innovation. The outer body is constructed of cast aluminium using modern OEM casting methods, and then precisely CNC carved. OEM rubber seals used on brake master cylinders are fitted to a specially designed piston and one-way valve. This results in a range of motion about 45% less than the stock pedal travel.

Omni-Power continued to focus on their consumer needs, they have been able to listen to their customers, and their critics, to produce performance products that not only greatly improve the driving experience, but ones that still fit nicely into your budget!

Omni-Power USA, Inc. began in 2005 from the hearts and minds of Steve “Omniman” Rothenbuehler & Bob Nichols. Right out of the gate, they quickly realized that the odds were stacked high with so much competition in this industry. Actually, this took some of the pressure off of them and allowed them to keep their focus on consumer needs. They decided to centre on unique and innovative products and went from there with a clear plan.


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