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Manufacturer: Motordyne

Motordyne is famous for their High-performance quality parts such as the Motordyne Iso Thermal plenum spacer which adds 12HP-14HP. It can reduce the heat transfer and heat soak by thermally isolating both the upper and lower plenum. 5/16" thickness provides the best overall performance without compromises. This kit is fully compatible with your engine cover and strut bar. All Motordyne Iso Thermal systems keep your upper and lower plenum cooler without the risk of throttle body freezing when driving in cold weather. Each kit comes with everything you need for a complete installation.

The Motordyne plenum spacers alleviate an airflow restriction that exists above the first two intake runner inlets. The inside top of the stock plenum is very close to the top of the lower plenum runner inlets. There is only about 1/8″ clearance between the first two inlets and the plenum cover. This creates a significant airflow restriction that reduces engine breathing and power output.

Motordyne is known for infusing rocket science and aerospace technologies into automotive performance parts, innovating faster, more powerful and higher quality performance components to aerospace standards. High-performance quality parts for Nissan and Infiniti. No other brand has the experience, skill set, and R&D the Motordyne Engineering has.


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