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Manufacturer: Lifeline

FRSPORT is proud to be an authorized distributor for Lifeline.

Established in 1994, Lifeline is the leading manufacturer of fire safety equipment and fire safety systems to the motorsport industry. Lifeline produced and manufactured the first generation of systems by using Halon 1211 as the extinguishing agent; however, due to environmental pressures, the manufacture of Halon ceased under the Montreal Protocol. Now, current Lifeline motorsport systems use either ZERO 2000 foam based extinguishants or their advanced ZERO 360 gaseous clean agent extinguishants. Both products are fully FIA tested and certified for international motorsport.

Lifeline' has capitalized on its decade of success in the armouring, defence and security markets with its Fire eater range. With this range, Lifeline is now able to offer off the shelf solutions for the majority of armoured vehicle applications allowing them to be cost-effective, easy to install while still maintaining a high level of performance.

Lifeline continuous commitment to research and development ensures that you have the most innovative and cutting-edge products available, the same products as used by the majority of the world & national championship-winning drivers and constructors. Winner of the MIA Small Business of the Year award, Lifeline is ISO9001 accredited. Investment in people and dedicated in-house design and development facilities ensure that their customers have access to the most effective, top quality safety products available anywhere in the world.


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