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Manufacturer: Koyorad

Koyorad leads the radiator industry in quality, performance, fitment, and the extensive list of vehicle applications. Koyo offers a wider range of brass tank and copper core radiators for Japanese applications than any other supplier. The first class quality and competitive cost put you in a better position to service your market. One of their known radiators includes Koyorad Copper Core Sports Radiator. Sports Series Copper radiators feature OE style copper core brazed to powder coated end tanks for a show quality finish. Koyo uses state of the art Nocolok Brazing Furnace to bond all of the radiator brackets, headers, tubes, and fins, creating high quality "indestructible" radiator. Koyo Hyper Radiator Caps are also available to increase your cooling system pressure to 1.3 bars for increased cooling capacity.

Koyorad is a recommended Antifreeze Coolant manufacturer in the aftermarket today because of their high-quality antifreeze and coolant that protects your engine by lowering water’s freezing point and raising water’s boiling point. Antifreeze and coolant provide anti-corrosion properties for the metals in your radiator and cooling passages within the engine of your vehicle. It also provides proper lubrication for the engine water pump. It is important that the proper coolant is used for your Koyo OE Aftermarket Replacement Radiator. They highly recommend the use of coolant grade listed in every vehicles owner’s manual.

Koyo is committed to manufacturing radiators with the best in quality and meeting or exceeding OE standards. Koyo radiators do not require any drilling, cutting, or relocating, yet we highly recommend leaving this installation up to a professional mechanic. If you need help locating one in your area, one of Koyo’s extensive list of distributors will be happy to refer one to you. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.