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Manufacturer: Konig Wheel

FRSPORT carry the full line of Konig products that set the standard for the industry because all of the products produced at their factories are the result of the latest technology, to exceed strict standards that are needed to ensure the safest product on today’s vehicles. Konig has produced some of the highest quality aftermarket wheels in the world. Konig’s Mainline wheels consist of all of their wheel options except those which are Flow Formed. The Myth is one of Konig's mainline products. The Myth is a uniquely styled, split 5-spoke wheel that is able to provide many vehicles with a more aggressive stance. The Myth is offered in 16×7.5″, 17×8″, 18×8.″, 19×8.5″ and finished in Gloss Black, Gloss Black With Red Face and Gloss Black with the Blue face.

Konig is best known as a leader and a driving force behind the evolution of the sport compact community. Konig started out as a company focused on developing wheels for kids accessorizing import vehicle for the first time. After decades of a track has proven and street driven success, Konig has grown into a company that produces wheels for many vehicle segments, to countries all over the world and to the largest wheel and tires dealers in the world.

KÖNIG is currently one of the most recognizable aftermarket wheel brands in the world. For over 35 years Konig has set their standards high and watched enthusiasts from all over the world embrace not only their wheel styles but also the lifestyle that comes along with them. The story of König is far more than all the wheels they have made. The real story of König is about car enthusiasts who are behind every design, every wheel, and every aspect of the automotive tuning lifestyle.