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Manufacturer: Karcepts

One of Karcepts featured products is the Karcepts Shifter Mounting Kit. This kit provides the SOLUTION to mounting an RSX style shifter box into K-Series powered Civics and Integras.  It positions the shift lever in the stock factory location and maintains all factory interior trim for a clean OEM look. It’s made of High-quality laser cut stainless steel construction that is used in part for its superior corrosion resistance; however, it is primarily used in this application to acts as a thermal insulator between the shifter box/console area and your hot exhaust. It also eliminates cutting into the firewall for shifter cable routing and it has a rigid mounting base for more positive shifting feel (eliminates the need for shifter box bushings). KARCEPTS SHIFTER MOUNTING KIT is applicable for RSX and EP3 transmissions.

Karcepts specialize in providing engineered solutions for Honda/Acura and now Mazda race and street vehicles.  Along with functionality, Karcepts products are undisputedly known for the innovative and aesthetic qualities they provide.  Whether offering a no-brainer install or just a super clean setup, Karcepts has a solution for you.


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