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Manufacturer: Grimmspeed

FRSPORT is an official distributor for GrimmSpeed.

GrimmSpeed is dedicated to innovation, supporting local industry and providing outstanding customer service. Their worldwide known products include Exhausts such as the new HiFlow exhaust manifold crosspipe that is made of 304SS (flanges, flex, tubing) and has a pipe-wall thickness of 14 Gauge, this is the most "heavy-duty" pipe you will find., Intake, Porting, Thermal Coating, Electronic Boost Solenoids, and Gaskets which are replacements to improve your vehicle's performance. They are Subaru fanatics specializing in engineering and manufacturing of the highest quality, innovative aftermarket products available.

Mostly of GrimmSpeed decisions are based on 3 basic principles- first is innovation in which it may be a completely new idea or an innovation to a current product on the market i.e. using better materials, thicker flanges, thicker piping, etc. They truly love creating products that really work. Second is keeping jobs in Minnesota in which their goal is to do their part in bringing it back to the US that would show the rest of the world that they do still 'have it'. Almost all of their partners are right in Minnesota and lastly is customer service you deserve because if something is going to be delayed, they aren't going to give you some BS date when it will be ready, they will tell you exactly the most current info they have. If you need help installing our products, they will be there on the phone/email/instant message ready to help until you have figured out the issue. These traits made them elevate against their competition in the market industry.

GrimmSpeed was founded in 2006 to provide customers with innovative and highly engineered aftermarket products. In short, they are a small group of highly dedicated car nuts who work in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Their bread and butter started out anything Subaru However, after growing their team and engineering, they started developing products for Mitsubishi, MazdaSpeed, and Hyundai markets. They are a true garage start-up and they've been lucky enough over the years to be able to turn it into exactly the business they dreamed.