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Manufacturer: Feal Suspension

FRSPORT is an authorized distributor for Feal Suspension.

Feal suspension has successfully created a Coilover solution that is very well priced and offers unsurpassed performance. The Feal 441 Coilover is a one-way adjustable monotube damper equipped with a genuine Japanese Swift spring. They are confident that their valving profile will yield a very comfortable yet great performing ride for your car. They have spent countless hours testing and are pleased to offer the Feal 441 Coilover kit to you.

Feal suspension has also built a drift specific suspension since 2010, developing and testing a coilover to meet the high demands of a competitive drift car. All drift specific kits are built to Formula Drift driver Aurimas "Odi" Bakchis’ specifications. Their unique damping profile guarantees more grip than the competition. They also custom tailor the spring rates based on the weight of your build, the power level of your engine, and tire size used. For the Nissan S chassis, we also have different length brackets to accommodate drop knuckles. This allows you to maintain proper ride height adjustability.

Feal Suspension has been in the business of servicing and tuning dampers since 2007. Their focus has been maintaining and improving damper performance, not just sales of Coilover kits. When you purchase Feal brand coilovers, you will receive dampers built with years of tuning experience and testing. Their tuning methods span not only shock dyno analysis, but also testing using professional drivers and collecting valuable feedback. They have tested Feal product on autox, road race, rally, and professional drifting applications for many years. They are active in professional motorsports and constantly put their suspension to the test.


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