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Manufacturer: Exedy

EXEDY is the clutch specialist and powertrain supplier to the automotive industry worldwide. Their products range from manual and automatic transmission clutches to torque converter. They are famous for their world-renowned Clutch cover (Pressure Plate) which all cover assemblies endure a precise robotic testing process to ensure proper clamp load and clutch lift separation. This step ensures optimal pedal feel for better drivability.

EXEDY is also the undisputed world leader in performance sports and racing clutches. EXEDY’s advanced engineering and patented innovations have made them the leading OEM manufacturer in the world for Clutches along with many other powertrain components.

EXEDY Globalparts Corporation (USA) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the EXEDY Corporation of Japan. EXEDY (Japan) began with one man back in 1923.  Known throughout the world for supplying quality powertrain product, their pursuit of perfection and the assurance of safety underlie our famed quality and reliability. EXEDY Globalparts Corporation has evolved from the business known as Daikin Clutch Corporation. All EXEDY manufactured products still carry the famous Daikin winged logo. The US business was established in 1967 and EXEDY/Daikin products have been manufactured in the US since 1988 for both OEM and the Aftermarket.