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Manufacturer: DOC Race

DOC Race is the first company that comes through my mind when it comes to their products like Exhaust manifolds and Turbochargers and more. DOC race is known for their best manifold products such as Twinscroll manifold. Twinscroll manifold is for maximum flow of your engine and turbo including the best possible spool and no limitations on the maximum output of your combination. DOC Race Twinscroll manifolds have had years of development in order to utilize the proper exhaust pulses to eliminate unwanted exhaust back pressure and valve overlap, in-turn giving you maximum airflow.

Their manifolds are simply the most efficient available on the market! D.O.C. still applies our elaborate porting process to complement maximum flow within ALL of our manifolds. DOC Race’s mission is to manufacture race proven parts with show quality shine to back it up.

DOC Race Fabricates Forced Induction Components for a wide range of applications. From bolt-on turbo kits to custom track ready V-mount Intercooler Setups, D.O.C. has something for everyone. With over 15 combined years of Motorsports experience, they have tested and tuned on some of the most outlandish, record-breaking vehicles on this planet! Get in touch with them on your build so they can be sure to get you on the correct path of performance.


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