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Manufacturer: Defi

Defi is known for their products such as Gauges and displays for automobiles. Their product lineup is linkable gauges, BF gauges, OLED displays, and more. Try their best product on the market today such as the Defi-Link ADVANCE system that allows gauges and displays to be attached to the ADVANCE control unit with a single “daisy chain” wiring system. The system is also designed to allow all sensors to be attached to the ADVANCE control unit so that gauges and displays can be mounted separately without the need for multiple tubing or wiring to each gauge. ADVANCE gauges, displays, and Control Unit are equipped with microcomputers. Distant gauges and displays can be operated at hand.

Defi is a brand name for aftermarkets used by Nippon Seiki which manufactures and supplies gauges and displays for vehicles. They supply instrument panels for the world’s sports vehicles and specialized vehicles. F-1 drivers and motorcycle racers put their confidence in the accuracy and performance of their products. They are continually seeking innovative ways to produce state-of-the-art technology for Defi’s aftermarket products.


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