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Cusco Safety 21 Steel 4 Point Bolt-In Roll Cage Subaru STI and WRX 2015+

SKU. Not available    Part No. 6A1 270 C20  

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    • 40mm Pipe Diameter

    • No Dash Interaction

    • 4 Point

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    Cusco Safety 21 Steel 4 Point Bolt-In Roll Cage Subaru STI and WRX 2015+

    Safety 21 roll cages are made durable for those who regularly track their cars. These steel roll cages comply with sanctioning race bodies that abide by FIA regulations. Safety21 roll cages are also available in a 4 point rollbar type all the way to a 15 point configuration, strengthening individual areas of the chassis to keep the cabin intact during a roll over. A variety of roll bars are available based on bar layout and number of passengers. The line up covers 300 Japanese models. Overall lightness was pursued from the get go on the complete design of the roll bar/cage, thus details such as mounting points, bar joints and other details were thoroughly examined, researched and tested prior to making its final version available for sale.


    • Safety 21 bars are made from extra tough and strong cold drawn seamless carbon steel.
    • 40mm pipe diameter.
    • Pipe thickness: 2.0mm
    • Some Safety 21 complies to FIA regulations depending on sanctioning body
    • Mounting plate size / thickness: over 60cm2 / 2.6mm
    • Reinforcement plate size / thickness: over 120cm2 / 3.2mm
    • Check your local sanctioning race series for safety regulations
    • Available in 4-Point, 5-Point, 6-Point, 7-Point, 8-Point, 9-Point, 11-Point and 15-Point configurations.
  • Specifications +
    Brand Cusco
    Part Number 6A1 270 C20
    Category Safety ▸
    Crash Protection ▸
    Roll Cages
    Item Code
    Length 56.0 in.
    Width 50.0 in.
    Height 10.0 in.
    Weight 70.00 lb.
    Created Sunday, January 1, 2012
    Last Updated Friday, December 21, 2018
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