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Manufacturer: Coverlay

Coverlay Manufacturing Inc. is a company that is known for their world-renowned custom formed ABS plastic dash covers and replacement door panels and more. Their products are made from durable ABS plastic and vacuum moulded for perfect fit with 15 generic colors available to please the needs of every customer. Their Door panel, on the other hand, is a replacement door panels with padded armrest and has new fasteners. Their covers & panels can update your vehicle for less and in minutes. No special tools needed. You can install with the confidence of doing it right.

Coverlay Manufacturing Inc. originated in Denver, Colorado in 1982 and incorporated as Import Auto Products, Ltd., a Colorado corporation. Their original purpose, at the time of incorporation, was to import aftermarket auto body parts from Taiwan and Italy and sell them to body shops in the Denver area. Since their trademark Coverlay became recognized throughout the automotive industry, they officially changed their name to Coverlay Manufacturing, Inc. in 1994.Their mission is to supply the consumer with a quality product at the lowest possible price.