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Cometic Exhaust Gasket 1.310in x 1.640in Port Material: MLS .030in

SKU. 04CE6    Part No. C5901-030  

Cometic C5901-030 Exhaust Gasket 1.310in x 1.640in Port Material: MLS .030in Image1
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Cometic C5901-030 Exhaust Gasket 1.310in x 1.640in Port Material: MLS .030in
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    C5901-030 Exhaust Gasket 1.310in x 1.640in Port, Material: MLS, Thickness: .030in

    Individual gaskets and gasket kits are available for both the Domestic and Import Automotive Markets. The Performance Gasket Line gives you options in: head gasket bore size and shape, gasket thickness, and custom water passages and pocket dimension solutions. Valve Cover and MLS Exhaust gaskets are also a part of the Performance Gasket Line.

    The StreetPro Gasket Line is a product line of Cometic Gasket manufactured by Cometic. StreetPro is geared toward the street-rodder who is looking to purchase a kit with all necessary gaskets and seals needed for a rebuild. StreetPro gasket kits are sold as a top end kits and bottom end kits. Purchase both top- and bottom-end kits for a total engine rebuild. Quality gasket materials are a priority in StreetPro kits. Kits materials include: MLS, AFM, Aramid Fiber, and Armor Clad.

    Modern lightweight engines are producing more horsepower, higher cylinder pressure, clamp load and extreme temperatures. Cometic is commited to provide innovative, quality gaskets while maximizing your engine?s power and performance. Cometic gaskets are proudly made in the U.S.A. with materials manufactured on American soil. Cometic Gasket, Inc., is an exclusive NASCAR Performance Product.

  • Specifications
    Brand Cometic
    Part Number C5901-030
    Item Code 04CE6
    Length 20 in.
    Width 2 in.
    Height 2 in.
    Weight 2.00 lb.
    Created Sunday, January 1, 2012
    Last Updated Monday, November 20, 2017
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  • Vehicles Applications
    Chrysler Cordoba
    • Base
      1975 Chrysler Cordoba Base
      1976 Chrysler Cordoba Base
      1977 Chrysler Cordoba Base
      1978 Chrysler Cordoba Base
      1979 Chrysler Cordoba Base
      1980 Chrysler Cordoba Base
      1981 Chrysler Cordoba Base
      1982 Chrysler Cordoba Base
      1983 Chrysler Cordoba Base
    • 300
      1979 Chrysler Cordoba 300
      1980 Chrysler Cordoba 300
    • Crown
      1980 Chrysler Cordoba Crown
    • LS
      1980 Chrysler Cordoba LS
      1981 Chrysler Cordoba LS
      1982 Chrysler Cordoba LS
    Chrysler Fifth Avenue
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      1983 Chrysler Fifth Avenue Base
      1984 Chrysler Fifth Avenue Base
      1985 Chrysler Fifth Avenue Base
      1986 Chrysler Fifth Avenue Base
      1987 Chrysler Fifth Avenue Base
      1988 Chrysler Fifth Avenue Base
      1989 Chrysler Fifth Avenue Base
    Chrysler Imperial
    • Base
      1981 Chrysler Imperial Base
      1982 Chrysler Imperial Base
      1983 Chrysler Imperial Base
    Chrysler LeBaron
    • Base
      1977 Chrysler LeBaron Base
      1978 Chrysler LeBaron Base
      1979 Chrysler LeBaron Base
      1980 Chrysler LeBaron Base
      1981 Chrysler LeBaron Base
    • Medallion
      1977 Chrysler LeBaron Medallion
      1978 Chrysler LeBaron Medallion
      1979 Chrysler LeBaron Medallion
      1980 Chrysler LeBaron Medallion
      1981 Chrysler LeBaron Medallion
    • S
      1978 Chrysler LeBaron S
    • Salon
      1979 Chrysler LeBaron Salon
      1980 Chrysler LeBaron Salon
      1981 Chrysler LeBaron Salon
    • Special
      1980 Chrysler LeBaron Special
      1981 Chrysler LeBaron Special
    Chrysler New Yorker
    • Brougham
      1977 Chrysler New Yorker Brougham
      1978 Chrysler New Yorker Brougham
    • Base
      1979 Chrysler New Yorker Base
      1980 Chrysler New Yorker Base
      1981 Chrysler New Yorker Base
      1982 Chrysler New Yorker Base
    Chrysler Newport
    • Base
      1971 Chrysler Newport Base
      1973 Chrysler Newport Base
      1974 Chrysler Newport Base
      1975 Chrysler Newport Base
      1976 Chrysler Newport Base
      1977 Chrysler Newport Base
      1978 Chrysler Newport Base
      1979 Chrysler Newport Base
      1980 Chrysler Newport Base
      1981 Chrysler Newport Base
    • Custom
      1971 Chrysler Newport Custom
      1972 Chrysler Newport Custom
      1973 Chrysler Newport Custom
      1974 Chrysler Newport Custom
      1975 Chrysler Newport Custom
      1976 Chrysler Newport Custom
    • Royal
      1971 Chrysler Newport Royal
      1972 Chrysler Newport Royal
    Chrysler Town & Country
    • Base
      1978 Chrysler Town & Country Base
      1979 Chrysler Town & Country Base
      1980 Chrysler Town & Country Base
      1981 Chrysler Town & Country Base
    Dodge 330
    • Base
      1964 Dodge 330 Base
    Dodge 440
    • Base
      1964 Dodge 440 Base
    Dodge A100
    • Base
      1970 Dodge A100 Base
    • Sportsman
      1970 Dodge A100 Sportsman
    Dodge A100 Truck
    • Base
      1967 Dodge A100 Truck Base
      1968 Dodge A100 Truck Base
      1969 Dodge A100 Truck Base
      1970 Dodge A100 Truck Base
    • Sportsman
      1968 Dodge A100 Truck Sportsman
      1969 Dodge A100 Truck Sportsman
      1970 Dodge A100 Truck Sportsman
    Dodge Aspen
    • Base
      1976 Dodge Aspen Base
      1977 Dodge Aspen Base
      1978 Dodge Aspen Base
      1979 Dodge Aspen Base
      1980 Dodge Aspen Base
    • Custom
      1976 Dodge Aspen Custom
      1977 Dodge Aspen Custom
    • Special Edition
      1976 Dodge Aspen Special Edition
      1977 Dodge Aspen Special Edition
    Dodge B100
    • Base
      1975 Dodge B100 Base
      1976 Dodge B100 Base
      1977 Dodge B100 Base
      1978 Dodge B100 Base
      1979 Dodge B100 Base
      1980 Dodge B100 Base
    Dodge B100 Van
    • Base
      1971 Dodge B100 Van Base
      1972 Dodge B100 Van Base
      1973 Dodge B100 Van Base
    • Sportsman
      1971 Dodge B100 Van Sportsman
      1972 Dodge B100 Van Sportsman
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