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Manufacturer: Cometic

FRSPORT is an official distributor for Cometic. Cometic gasket offers over 85,000 SKUs, shipping gaskets and engine sealing solutions across the globe. Cometic is best known for their well-known gaskets i.e. the COMETIC StreetPro Kits. This kit cater to the budget-minded street-rodder who is looking to purchase a kit with all necessary gaskets and seals needed for their rebuild. StreetPro gasket kits are sold as top-end kits and bottom-end kits. Quality gasket materials are a priority in StreetPro kits. Kit materials include MLS, AFM, Aramid Fiber, and Armor Clad.  It has maintained its deep roots in the powersports industry while expanding to service the Domestic Automotive, Sports Compact, V-twin, Marine, Diesel, Agricultural, Industrial and Stationary Power markets. Cometic has been committed to producing superior quality gaskets for the high-performance market.

Cometic Gasket’s goal is to offer the latest in gasket technology. They use the latest technology to offer the best sealing solution. From materials to manufacturing processes and gasket designs are constantly improving to match the higher level of performance for today's powerful engines. When purchasing a Cometic gasket kit, you can rest assured that every component will be the best solution for your application.

Cometic Gasket Inc. is a leading worldwide supplier of gaskets and engine sealing solutions for the Automotive Performance, Powersports, Original Equipment and Remanufactured Engine Industries. All Cometic products are made in the United States with materials manufactured on American soil. Launched by four partners including current Founder and CEO Bob Gorman in 1989, Cometic was originally dedicated exclusively to the powersports industry. Operating from a tiny 1,500 square foot manufacturing facility, the company produced a mere 900 SKUs in its first year.