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Manufacturer: Circuit Sports

    Circuit Sports (CS) is a  company that branched out from an East Asian OEM manufacturer of chassis reinforcement and performance products other brands. As an OEM manufacturer, Circuit Sports was subcontracted to build products for well-known Japanese and U.S aftermarket companies.
    Now Circuit Sports is pleased to introduce the Circuit Sports products line directly to the U.S. aftermarket industry. These product lines include a full line of chassis braces, exhausts and accessories.  Produced in the same factory as popular brand name aftermarket parts.
    From time to time, Circuit Sports brings new products to the US market with fresh ideas and concepts then later transfer the products to other brand name companies under an OEM agreement to be promoted under their name. Many items are designed and produced in cooperation with or for other companies. Circuit Sports is not a large-scale company like many others in Japan or the US. Nevertheless they have considerable experience and knowledge by producing parts for other companies in automotive tuning and exercise boutique style craftsmanship ensuring our customers the highest quality performance part available.
    Circuit Sports produces brand name quality at everyday low prices for those who cannot be swayed by big names and flashy advertising.


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