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Manufacturer: Chase Bays

Chase Bays are known for their designs and manufacture the most high-end fluid transfer products that focus on brakes such as the famous 2-way brake bias valve which is simply designed to adjust the front to rear brake bias. This product is included in their very popular Brake Line Relocation Kits (with various different fittings attached). "Success is in the details." from the look of their products, they feel its notable they're detail oriented.

All of their products are designed by enthusiasts for enthusiasts using high-end materials and components. Using their creative and innovative approach, the products they sell have introduced a new market to the automotive industry.

Chase Bays, Inc was started by Chase McMaster in 2005. Chase Bays designs and manufactures High-End Fluid Transfer Products for the aftermarket automotive industry. These products are designed to increase performance and aesthetics while saving weight and space. They’re focused on the Braking, Cooling, Power Steering, Clutch, and Fuel Delivery components of the car. Chase Bays always strives to be the best and offer the best customer experience. If there is a better component or method, they’re going to use it.


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