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Manufacturer: Champion Oil

Release the power, strength, and endurance in your engine with our advanced range of high-technology lubricants. They have the range of products such as Passenger car motor oils, Heavy duty motor oils, Transmission fluids, Winter fluids, Maintenance, Motorcycle, Marine, Agriculture, Industry, and Greases.

Champion Oil holds full synthetic lubricant based on carefully selected very high-quality base oils with a high viscosity index for the lubrication of gasoline and diesel engines with turbocharging. This oil is distinguished by an excellent fluidity at low temperature, which allows a perfect cold start, along with a high viscosity at the hot engine. Champion Oil Brake fluids, intended for hydraulic brake systems. Its composition provides a high chemical stability, excellent resistance against residue formation, very good stability towards oxidation and is compatible with all materials present in the circuit. Champion Oil Maintenance products can Clean the complete fuel system, increases cetane number and restores power and performance. Improves combustion and reduces fuel consumption. Lubricates the diesel pump in case of low sulfur fuel. These are just a few introductions of Champion Oil best products.

From Raw Material to Lubricant, Champion’s promise of quality, They want to show you how the team of specialists guarantees you that only the best products leaving the production plant to depart your way. You can only blend outstanding lubricants if you use the best raw materials. And those raw materials need to be Champion approved. This is the reason why they take the first sample right after the delivery of raw materials. What does that mean? Well, blenders won’t jump into action without receiving a ‘GO!’ from the laboratory!

Proof of quality Claiming that a product has powerful properties is easy, but Champion puts the words into action! With these three techniques, Flashpoint, Pour point, and Kinematic viscosity are they used in their laboratory to prove that the products are specifically made to truly enhance your driving experience.


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