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Manufacturer: Centerforce

The   Centerforce I Clutch Series   is designed as a high-quality entry-level performance clutch for those in need of a superior stock replacement. Using the patented Centerforce centrifugal weights (where applicable) and premium friction materials, the Centerforce Stage 1 clutch system is perfect for applications with stock engines or mild power increases from minor bolt-on modifications.   Centerforce II Clutch Series   utilizes a full facing disc with premium friction materials and a pressure plate with patented centrifugal weights

The   Dual Friction clutch   is engineered for those who are looking for the ultimate in street/strip holding power and performance without sacrificing pedal effort and driver control. While the Dual Friction has been engineered primarily as a street clutch it can be used in mild competition applications.

The DFX series features the patented Centerforce centrifugal weight system (where applicable) and retains an easy pedal effort, thanks to Centerforce's patented ball bearing actuated diaphragm.

The   DYAD DS (Drive System)   multi-disc clutch design has been developed to meet the needs of modern high-end vehicles. Drivers need a clutch that can offer; smooth engagement, quiet operation, light pedal, and high-end holding capacity.

The   Centerforce LMC Clutch Series   is a specifically designed low inertia performance clutch that dramatically reduces engine rotating mass. This lightweight, SFI approved competition clutches are intended with most road racing and circle track applications in mind. Centerforce machines these special pressure plates from
high-strength aircraft-grade billet aluminum and then attach a special heat-treated replaceable friction surface.

Centerforce brings together high-quality friction materials and patented processes to give you top-of-the-line discs. Centerforce offers discs for the Centerforce I, Centerforce II, Dual Friction, LMC, and DFX series clutches. Each disc is designed to work best with a corresponding Centerforce pressure plate.

Centerforce manufactures the best in SFI-certified performance steel and aluminum flywheels. These flywheels are CAD/CAM designed and CNC machined to strict tolerances for perfect fitment and hassle-free, bolt-in performance. Centerforce also has select factory replacement cast iron flywheels available. Consult your Centerforce catalog or website for the latest in performance flywheel applications.

It is the goal of the Centerforce clutch and flywheel division to produce products of the highest quality available to the marketplace. Through continuous new product development and testing, in the real world, street, off-road and race facilities, They strive to continually improve products. Centerforce customer service personnel will continue to review their goal to be the best in the performance industry, with knowledgeable and helpful staff.